Eminent Domain & Condemnation

Eminent Domain proceedings involve the condemnation or “taking” of a property owner’s rights by a government entity such as the state, a local municipality, or the federal government. Condemnation also includes inverse condemnation where property rights are adversely affected through an indirect or unintended taking by a governing body’s actions. Pursuing full compensation for the taking of property interests by government entities is an area of the law which the firm has handled for decades. Bill Galvano and Caleb Grimes have tried numerous eminent domain cases to verdict for both individual land owners and businesses, including claims for business damages and severance damages. Grimes Goebel can help property and business owners determine the fair value for the loss of their property rights from public works projects, roadways, utility easements, and other governmental takings. Florida law generally requires the government to pay the owner’s attorney’s fees, appraisal fees, and related costs. The attorneys at Grimes Goebel are experienced in putting together a trial team of appraisers and other appropriate experts to insure that the client receives full compensation for the property rights being taken by the government or government agency.